I am Santanu Mandal
from West Bengal, India
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About Me

Hello, I'm Santanu Mandal, a passionate student pursuing a B.Tech degree in Computer Science and Engineering. I have a deep love for coding and enjoy the process of developing full-stack websites. Aside from web development, I also have a strong interest in data science. Exploring the world of data and uncovering meaningful insights fascinates me. I am constantly seeking new challenges and opportunities to enhance my skills and broaden my knowledge in the ever-evolving field of technology. I am excited to embark on new projects and collaborations that allow me to utilize my skills in web development and data science. If you're looking for someone who is dedicated, innovative, and passionate about creating exceptional digital experiences, I would be thrilled to be a part of your team.

Educational Details 

B.Tech - Computer Science & Enginnering

Narula Institute Of Technology

2020 - 2024

12th Standard (ISC)

Central Modern School


10th Standard (ICSE)

Central Modern School


Programming Languages

Java (Intermediate)
C (Intermediate)
JavaScript (Basics)
Python (Basics)

Frontend Development

CSS (Basics)
ReactJs (Basics)

Backend Development

ExpressJs (Basics)
NodeJs (Basics)
MongoDB (Basics)
My Services

Frontend Development

I have a solid foundation in HTML, CSS, and ReactJS, with proficiency ranging from basics to intermediate level. I am capable of creating functional and visually appealing user interfaces using these technologies. With a focus on continuous learning and improvement, I am excited to further develop my skills and take on new frontend development challenges.

Backend Development

I have a solid foundation in backend development, with skills ranging from basic to intermediate level. I am proficient in Node.js, Express, and MongoDB, allowing me to build functional server-side applications. Additionally, I have experience working with MongoDB for data storage and manipulation. While I continue to learn and grow, I am capable of developing backend solutions that meet the basic to intermediate requirements.

My Projects

GetWeather App

This is a Web Application to get the Current Weather of a particular location and Weather Forecast for upcoming 7 days of that respected location.


This is an Ecommerce app on which currently i am working on.

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